Community Gardens

Having a greenhouse is a great way to show children and the community how the world works. Getting them to understand how plants grow and sometimes die will help them understand where their foods come from.

Let the Children Grow, Learn & Thrive with a Sproutwell™ Greenhouse

Many greenhouses are operated by home vegetable growers, hobby gardeners, professional business growers and more recently we ’ve seen an increase with our greenhouses being introduced to schools. If you haven’t seen one, our ‘Garden Pro’ greenhouse range is a great way to enhance education. For educators looking to add an alternative to traditional learning, there are many benefits to purchasing a greenhouse for your school.

Learning the basics of Food

One of the other things that make greenhouses a big winner for schools is that it offers a hands-on learning experience. They can experiment with water movement, pollination, and nutrition, and explore relationships between plants and insects. It’s one thing to talk and look at pictures of a plants and vegetables, but it’s a different experience to be able to examine a real plant up close and grow actual herbs, fruits and vegetables of their own. For children who learn best with hands-on experience, school greenhouses can greatly enhance their learning process.

Promoting Healthy Eating in a Fun Environment

One of the biggest benefits for schools and Kindergartens is that it is fun and teaches students responsibility, and helps develop students’ confidence and pride as they display and share the fruits (and vegetables and flowers) that they have grown themselves. They also learn about the nutritional values of vegetables and fruits and this intern promotes ‘healthy eating’. For many students they may go on to have a love of gardening that can last for the rest of their lives.

Why a Greenhouse for a Community Garden?

A greenhouse can become a hive of gardening activity during the months that it is impossible to garden outside. A way to keep a community together year round and a location to teach new/old techniques to both adults and children is to gather in a Greenhouse.

We have personally been involved in either installing or providing Greenhouses to over 20 community gardens across Victoria (Torquay, Anglesea, Ocean Grove to name a few).

Those from Moreland Community Garden contacted us for a Greenhouse as they believe it enables people to grow their own food either at home or with other members of the community, people can create a more sustainable society and reduce their environmental footprint, as well as enhancing physical and mental health and wellbeing of participating individuals.

Our new Sproutwell greenhouse and propagation area is the final piece in our community garden jigsaw. Now we can grow plants from seed on a scale that matches the demands of the garden, it supports sustainable food growing principals, increased participation and provides opportunities to educate local people about where their food comes from and how to grow it themselves” – Mark Sanders, member Moreland Community Garden.