Winter is the best time for growing vegetables

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WITH cooler weather, now’s the time to be out enjoying the winter sun in the garden.

Calligan’s Nursery owner Sheree Jokovich said the tropical winter suited garden maintenance – from hobby gardeners to the serious green thumb.

Ms Jokovich has been with the nursery for 13 years and seen gardening trends come and go.

“Winter is the best time for growing flowering annuals and vegetables,” Ms Jokovich said.

“With a vege garden in the tropics, you start end of March or early April, depending on the influence of rain.

“You’re generally growing and planting out until about August and then after August you become limited because of the humidity as to what will survive.”

The unpredictable Mackay weather has appeared again this year with a below average summer rainfall and a wet June.

Winter is a good time to plant geraniums

“Through winter we don’t get rainfall, usually, and you can monitor the amount of water used yourself,” Ms Jokovich said. “If it gets cold enough the pests and insects aren’t in abundance… whereas in the summer they can thrive.

“But this year has been different because we’ve had the rain and we’ve had people coming in and saying the rain affected the vege patch and that insects are still around.”

Succulent plants have become popular due to their low maintenance.

The winter school holidays are an ideal time to get children involved in gardening.

“Little cherry tomatoes are perfect because if they plant it, look after it and see it grow they’ll produce the fruit quickly and they (children) can eat it,” Ms Jokovich said. “A lot of kids love strawberries. They are probably the most popular.”

Time to tend to your garden now the weather is cooler


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